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Your Blog Is Your Best Online Affiliate Marketing Tool

When it comes to online marketing and the many tools that are out there, very few stand the test of time.  The one tool that is the most versatile and truly powerful online affiliate marketing tools is your blog.

So much can be done with a blog I believe most people never fully understand the power and the versatility of a blog site.

Blogging Mistakes You Want to Avoid

The biggest mistake people make in underestimating their blog is that they treat it like some cheap and bothersome site that they visit once or twice a year if that.  Blogging mistakes are easy to avoid if one is aware of them.

Most people don’t take the time to write good original content.  A lot of blogs I go to have articles that are posted in tens of hundreds of other sites, and they wonder why their blog is bogging-mistakesnot doing any better.

Many people don’t truly know how to build a quality site or write a quality article and
engaged in bad habits like keyword stuffing and other types of tricks that Google is wise to trying to get to the top of search pages.

Here is the thing.  There are to many people out there that know what they are doing with writing and SEO and get to the top pages of the search engines without engaging in such shenanigans.

Blog Benefits

A blog done well has many benefits and becomes a place where a laser targeted community forms.  It is a place where people go to because the know that the content is not some rehashed material that is on fifty other sites.

Each and every quality blog post if done well can work for you for years to come.  Each well written blog article is an asset that adds value to your site.  The thing with people today is that they are more savvy than ever and they want and expect value, and if you don’t use your blog to give it to them they will go somewhere else.

A blog is a great place to build your most valuable and priceless asset, you subscriber list.  It is possible to create many lists within your site on a particular niche and many other lists that are targeted toward sub-niche interests.

You blog site is your store.  Think about it, when you walk into a store and look around, first
impression is everything.  If the store is not kept and all that is in there is high priced junk you are probably out of there pretty quick. 

On the other hand, if the store is inviting and the merchandise is something you are interested in you are probably going to stay.

I love sporting goods stores.  There is one store in particular I don’t go near.  Their store looks nice but the products they have are the highest priced products in town and they are not the best quality.  I don’t mind paying for a good pair of hiking boots, but I expect quality and value for my money.  I am a savvy and educated consumer when it comes to the sporting goods I use. blogging-assets

Each blog post can be monetized and have a opt-in form which can help with building your business and contributing to the bottom line.  This is best done by putting your customer first by offering them value at every turn.

Your blog site is no different.  People come to your site for a couple of basic reasons.  They are researching which means they will be reading other sites like yours and will quickly realize whether your site is good or not and whether they want to book mark the site and come back.  The other reason is that people are coming for additional information and already have a base of knowledge and will quickly realize the quality or lack thereof.

Blogging Practices

A blog can attract a lot of attention and traffic to your offers if the focus is on creating a site with massive value that makes people want to come back to. 

It is probably just as easy to create a good blog as it is a bad one that no one wants anything to do with.

blogging-skillsThis does not mean that every post is perfect.  A good blog is content that is relevant and provides value to the reader.

Basic consistent practices in your blogging practice can make all the difference in the world.  The nice thing about blogging is that it is not a cookie cutter approach and there are many things that work and don’t work.  This is nice because there is a lot of room to find what works for you and go with it. 

There are however a few basic and foundational things that should always be followed and such as original content on well researched blog posts.  Spend time where your readers hang out.  This means getting off your blog and going to other blogs or forums for example.

Post consistently. This is a big one.  Post one time, two times a week, one time a month, it does not matter, just be consistent.  With that being said, it is important to remember that the more often you post to your blog the better, as your readers will like seeing fresh and new content regularly. 

For those that have your blog on an RSS feed or follow it, posting often and regularly will keep you name in front of them.

Treat you blog as a prized business asset. Consider each blog post a valuable investment and asset that will pay dividends over time.

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