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Headlines are the most powerful part of a landing or squeeze page.  The headline is the first thing your subscriber sees.  The Headline must immediately engage the potential subscriber or they are gone.  It does not matter what the giveaway is, it could be a truck load of gold, but if the headline does not do its job and keep and engage your subscriber they will be moving on to the next page in their browser.

It is important to understand all that is going on with the view of your landing or squeeze page.  They are sitting in front of their computer with a web browser open with as many as 20 or more tabs open.  A common behavior is to open several pages up in a browser in separate tabs from the web or emails and then go back and look through them.

I know personally when I do this, and I do this sort of thing often, that page has a split second to keep my attention.  If the headline does not touch an emotional nerve it is useless.  More often than not, if the emotional nerve is not attached to what a person really needs but what they want.

The most important thing to remember is to get in with that individual on an emotional level and worry about their real needs later.

For example we all know that an email list is the most important and valuable source of traffic.  It is there we can interact.  But until they are on that list we have to grab our subscriber by the heart and give what they want and not what they need. 

People don’t want an email list, they want money and a life style.  So when I am creating headlines I am constantly thinking about my subscriber and what they want.  If I can satisfy the want and desire then I have a subscriber, if not I only have a brief visitor to my page.

That is exactly why headlines are so important.  They are there to grab the emotional attention of the subscriber.

The next challenge with creating powerful attention grabbing headlines is coming up with them, and coming up with Great Headlines can be as challenging as any other kind of writing.  I can’t tell you how much time has been spent sitting in front of a blank screen struggling to come up with even the lamest headlines.

I have come up with a number of sites that offer free tools that generate some pretty amazing headlines but they all require some tweeking to get them right.

One of my favorite resources is “Million Dollar Copy Swipes.”  This is a product I found for around seven dollars that provides and extensive library of headlines for everything from squeeze pages, email, and a lot more.

I use this list all the time.  It works well with WP Profit Builder which is the theme I use for all my webpages, squeeze pages, and landing pages.  Between these two tools I don’t need anything else.  WP Profit Builder is a onetime cost with no monthly subscriptions.  

Bottom line.  Headlines are the most powerful and important part of any piece of copy.  The headline is the first impression that demands a decision from the reader to either stay or leave.

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Click Here To See “Million Dollar Copy Swipes”

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High Converting Squeeze Page.

WP Profit Builder Squeeze Page and Headlines Part 1

WP Profit Builder Squeeze Page and Headlines Part 2

WP Profit Builder Squeeze Page and Headlines Part 3

WP Profit Builder Squeeze Page and Headlines Part 4

WP Profit Builder Squeeze Page and Headlines Part 5

WP Profit Builder Squeeze Page and Headlines Part 6

WP Profit Builder Squeeze Page and Headlines Part 7

WP Profit Builder Squeeze Page and Headlines Part 8

WP Profit Builder Squeeze Page and Headlines Part 9

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