WP Profit Builder Review-Powerful Website Builder and More

WP Profit Builder is powerful, dynamic, and most versatile WordPress theme out there.  While there are literally thousands of awesome themes and page plugins out there, WP Profit Builder has taken all the best traits and attributes and housed them in one theme.

WP Profit Builder is versatile and dynamic beyond belief.  To be honest I have never seen anything quite like this in a theme or plugin.  I like it so much that it is hard for me to write this review without sounding hype and overly excited.

When I build sites for customers I will only use WP Profit Builder or I won’t do it.  I want to say upfront, I am an affiliate for this amazing theme, I want to be absolutely transparent.  With that being when you experience this powerful theme you will see that it is everything and more that I describe.

WP Profit Builder was developed by a phenomenal and highly successful Internet Marketer named Sean Donahoe.  Sean has been marketing for a number of years and has made six and seven figure incomes for several years.  Sean is familiar with the world of Internet Marketing in many different niches.  Sean knows that struggle marketers face and has thought of many of those concerns in the development of this product.

It is hard to believe all this this theme can do.  It is one of those things where one has to install this theme and experience all that it can do to fully grasp it full potential and power housed in this them.  Not only can WP Profit Builder do a whole lot, it does so for the lowest price anywhere.  Where comparable themes are only available through a subscription cloud based service, WP Profit Builder is available for a one time price and is hosted on your server because all of this power housed within the theme plugin.

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WP Profit builder has everything from simple text/HTML window to the most sophisticated video integration.  With so many people using WordPress CMS it is necessary that ease of use and accessibility be available.  WP Profit Builder makes it possible for the user to produce professional landing pages, squeeze pages, and build a complete site in a very short amount of time.

One of the greatest challenges with WordPress platform is integrating HTML code in the right place in the body and getting it to successfully work.  WP Profit Builder is designed with the end user in mind.  The user can focus on a specific area of a webpage without affect the entire page. 

Integrating tracking and retargeting code has never been easier.  With a special window the user can simply cut and paste the code in the window and the WP Profit Builder theme seamlessly integrates the code into the page every time.

Video integration has never been easier than with WP Profit Builder.  Video from a variety of sources can be utilized in a number of ways.  Video from Vimeo, Youtube, Amzaon S3, or from your own server can be integrated as a simple video installment or the video can be used as a background.  Sizing the video is super easy with the wide variety of sizes to choose from right within the WP Profit Builder theme.

There are many bells and whistles that are integrated right within WP Profit Builder.  Many of the benefits such counters, lists, buttons, and so much more are usually handled with plugins.  With WP Profit Builder all of the most common and popular benefits are integrated within the theme itself.

Setting up an opt-in box on any page quickly and effortlessly is just one of the powerful tools WP Profit Builder makes available to the user.  There are many options with the email / opt-in integration.  There is a wide variety of buttons to choose from.  Modifying the buttons can be done with the click of the mouse.  Setting up a two process opt-in form is easy.  This ability to create multiple calls to action in each form is also extremely easy. We all know that a micro commitment is worth a whole lot when it comes to getting our subscribers to respond to calls to action.

Not only is it possible to create amazing and custom opt-in and landing pages, it is also easy to duplicate the look and feel of any theme out there. This is done by taking a theme and recreating it in WP Profit Builder line by line.

The versatility of WP Profit Builder allows the user to create custom templates and save them and reuse them on other WP Profit Builder theme installations.  There are more than 50 theme templates that come with the WP Profit Builder theme.  Each one of these templates are completely customizable.

I have a number of websites I have built and maintain for clients and I will only use WP Profit Builder.  I have gone back and recreated themes in WP Profit Builder. While this was a little bit of work up front, it was more than worth the investment of time simply due to the time savings.  I simply created a template page and then I use that theme each time I create a new post or page. 

One of the other unique features of WP Profit Builder is that when creating a new page or post is that the user is not tied to a particular template or theme.  When creating a new page or post it is like starting with a blank slate before a template is chosen.  This is particularly nice since it allows the user to use their creativity

There are so many benefits and tools of using WP Profit Builder that there is no way to go into all of them in this article.  To be absolutely honest, I cannot say enough good about this product.  It is the most economical way to access so many tools due to the onetime fee where by totally eliminating monthly subscriptions.

There is one con to using WP Profit Builder that I have been able to identify and that is that it is so packed with tools that it is sometimes difficult to navigate and find the tools and features if you are not using them every day.  With that being said though, it just goes to show that WP Profit Builder is truly one of if not the most powerful plugins on the market.

At a price that is comparable to any premium theme the benefits and cost cannot be beat.

A full disclosure is in order here in case you missed it earlier.  I am an affiliate for WP Profit Builder.  This review is honest and I strongly feel that once an individual installs and familiarizes themselves with this theme they will agree that it is one of the most amazing themes they have every used.

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