There Is More To Affiliate Marketing Than Just Selling Part 2




Give Away Massive Value Upfront To Build Customer Trust and Relationships.


The question is to give away value or not too. It is a choice of each marketer.  What I can tell you is that it is worth the upfront effort.  Take some time and study and look at successful marketers if you don’t believe me.  Successful marketers who are making bank are the ones who are giving away TON’s of value and their focus is on their customer first.

There is a lot of psychology that goes into what I am talking about here.  I am not going to go into all the thought processes that go through a customer’s mind in this article.  In fact it is not that important to fully understand the psychology.  What is more important to understand on a very basic level is that putting the customer first works.

I focus on value to my customer and my lists first.  In fact that is my priority.  If you want to learn about value, be a recipient of value and see how it feels. Sign up to lists and see how your competition is treating their customers. 

What I mean by this is, find a marketer that is successful in your niche.  I will almost guarantee that they have something they are giving away. It may be a training, a report, a product, or a free consultation.  Something will most generally be extended to you that will not require you taking out your credit card.

Customer Communication

I will find these types of offers in the niches I market in and experience how the marketer treats his or her customers.  What I have learned is that it feels good to be treated like a human being and not have someone trying to push something down my throat.  I will go through these funnels for the purpose of learning what other marketers are doing. 

Going into the funnel my only intention is to learn what they are doing.  And a lot of the time I end up buying their product and the OTO (one time offer).  I do this, not because I feel obligated, but because they have done a good job of building value on a product and have brought me a lot of value up front.

I encourage you to go into a funnel and see how a marketer treats you as a new subscriber.  Go through their free product, training, or report.  See how they follow with you.  Observe the value they bring to you throughout getting to know you.

I am not saying that all marketers do a good job of this. Sometimes I find myself being pitched and being sold.  It does not feel good.  In fact, I will most often unsubscribe from their email list because I don’t have time to work with a desperate marketer, and I have nothing to learn from them. 

Your Email List is Like Gold, Be Good To Your Tribe



Your Email list can be worth more than the value of gold if cared for and nurtured.  The value of a subscriber is always something to never lose sight of.

I get hundreds of emails every day. I sift through all of it.  A lot of it is people who I signed up to their email list and all they do is what I call “turn and burn.”  That is a phrase for someone that all they do is send out offers to their list one or two times a day with offers.  They don’t take any time to get to know me or provide value. I unsubscribe from these people.  And as I mentioned, it doesn’t feel good to be treated this way.

On the other hand, I have people who I have signed up to their list and their focus is value.  It is very interesting to see the different ways value can be delivered.  It is not always a freebie.  While giving away something is a great way to provide value to your customers it is not the only way, so don’t get stuck on “Free.”  People don’t mind spending money if the value is there and is solves a problem.

Value can be in the form of good content in a blog, content with nothing to sell in an email, or a training nugget to name a few.  When I am in a funnel that delivers massive value I feel valued as a customer.  I feel like I matter.  It feels good.  What I have noticed about myself is that I am more open to this marketer.  When I see their email in my in box I will stop and read it.

When I sift through the hundreds of emails I get daily deleting them the marketers I like and appreciate will catch my eye and I will save those emails to read later.  Some of the people I have studied and become customers of have done such a good job that I will often stop and look at their email on the spot.

So I know their open rate is better. When they offer a product this is where I will make a purchase because I see the value in it for me.

What has happened here?  It is simple.  Without going into the psychology, the bottom line is that this marketer build a relationship with me.  Where I started out on a list to simply observe and learn what other marketers are doing, because of their amazing marketing and focus on value I become a longstanding subscriber.

The thing to realize her is that if you can grasp and master the art of appreciating your customer and building value for them you will have mastered the most fundamental and important part of not only Affiliate Marketing but Marketing.

Have fun with your business and customers and learn to enjoy them and make it your goals to solve a problem and help them do better in life.

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