The Elite Five Review

The Elite Five is a set of five video trainings complete with cheat sheets in five different online businesses models.  The business models include Fiverr, Arbitrage marketing (buy low, sell high), Affiliate Marketing, Email marketing, and mobile webpage marketing. 

Three of the five trainings require no money or experience and come with their own traffic.  Each of these trainings claim to that a person who takes action and follows the training can make a $100 dollars a day and scale up from there.fiverrlogo

With the mobile website business model, it is possible to make $1000 in seven days. 

The person behind these trainings is Bill Hugall, one of the worlds noted successful Internet Marketers.  Bill Hugall does not believe in pie in the sky or hype, but does believe in results and doing what it takes to get them.

Bill Hugall, a former construction worker who knows what it is like to buy products that don’t deliver or are not practical which is why he has even partnered with some of the best experts in a few of these trainings to make sure the best training is brought to you and to assure the best possibility of success for those he trains, and takes the training seriously. 

2016-10-06_2212_001The one thing you have to bring to the table is action. Truthfully if you are looking for a push button riches type of product, not that any such thing exists, then you probably should not waste your time here.

If you are looking for a real down to earth and practical training, then The Elite Five is for you.  The best part is Bill is giving these trainings away.  He is charging less then he should for one training let alone five high quality trainings.

Essentially you are getting five trainings for the price of one.  It would not be unreasonable to charge as much as $27-$37 for each training.  The entire package of five trainings is a fraction of that amount.

Don’t let the low price of the training package throw you off.  For the low launch price of $7 it is possible for an individual to purchase all five trainings and be making the kind of money talked about in the sales page. The Elite Five will be on a dime sale which means the price goes up with each sale.  Don’t let that scare you though, even with the incremental increase in price the value will still be there.


If that is not enough.  Bill Hugall really believes in over delivering in The Elite Five by offering a free webinar and a training no how to build a huge following. 

There are two OTO’s that will offer way more value that what the asking price will be.

If you choose to purchase through my link, there are an additional seven bonuses that are worth a mint. If you are looking for a real training that is no non-sense, then click the link below.


“In the spirit of full disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most (not all) cases I will receive a referral commission. Your support in purchasing through these links enables me to keep my design and customization prices ridiculously low and empower more people worldwide to blog with less worry and less hassle. Thank you! :)”

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