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3 Things Wrong With Email List Building

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3 Things Wrong With Email List Building facebook twitter google+ linkedin pinterest Building an email list can be compared to building a house. When a builder walks up to a piece of land for a house is going to be built is often barren or filled with weeds. An experienced builder can already visualize the completed home on that property. But an inexperienced home builder who might be building their first home can’t visualize the finish home there because they’ve never been through the complete process. Email list building can be similar to this. If you are someone who has […]

Don’t Let Your Email Kill Your Productivity

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Don’t Let Your Email Kill Your Productivity facebook twitter google+ linkedin pinterest Let’s face it our email is not only a productivity killer but a time waster. We can’t blame these things on our email, we have to blame them on is our poor discipline and lack of control. I know that sounds harsh but at the end of the day when we don’t have a lot to show for our time we have to be honest with ourselves and cut out those things that hinder our productivity and ultimately making money in the affiliate marketing business. Drive Massive Traffic […]

There Is More To Affiliate Marketing Than Just Selling Part 2

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  There Is More To Affiliate Marketing Than Just Selling Part 2   Get Instant Access Give Away Massive Value Upfront To Build Customer Trust and Relationships.   The question is to give away value or not too. It is a choice of each marketer.  What I can tell you is that it is worth the upfront effort.  Take some time and study and look at successful marketers if you don’t believe me.  Successful marketers who are making bank are the ones who are giving away TON’s of value and their focus is on their customer first. There is a […]

There Is More To Affiliate Marketing Than Just Selling Part 1

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There Is More To Affiliate Marketing Than Just Selling Part 1 There is more to affiliate marketing than just selling stuff and making a bunch of money. Someone might be thinking, why then would I be selling stuff on the Internet if I am not here to make a bunch of money? Let’s face it. The reason anyone gets into Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing is to make enough money to support a change in life style. But with anything, it is important that you enjoy what you do. Enjoying what you do is especially if you are in business […]

Affiliate Marketing Training-Customer Value Is Number One

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There is lots of affiliate marketing training out there with a growing emphasis on customer value.  Notice I did not say value to the customer. Customer value goes beyond just value to the customer and it goes way beyond the customer is always right.  This article is about valuing the customer in a way that not many people in the affiliate marketing or internet marketing space do. People every day come into the affiliate marketing and internet marketing internet space with delusions of grandeur.  These same people come into the space with dollar signs in their eyes and all they […]

WP Profit Builder | WP Profit Builder High Converting Squeeze Page and Headlines

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Headlines are the most powerful part of a landing or squeeze page.  The headline is the first thing your subscriber sees.  The Headline must immediately engage the potential subscriber or they are gone.  It does not matter what the giveaway is, it could be a truck load of gold, but if the headline does not do its job and keep and engage your subscriber they will be moving on to the next page in their browser. It is important to understand all that is going on with the view of your landing or squeeze page.  They are sitting in front […]

WP Profit Builder Review-Powerful Website Builder and More

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WP Profit Builder Instant Access WP Profit Builder is powerful, dynamic, and most versatile WordPress theme out there.  While there are literally thousands of awesome themes and page plugins out there, WP Profit Builder has taken all the best traits and attributes and housed them in one theme. WP Profit Builder is versatile and dynamic beyond belief.  To be honest I have never seen anything quite like this in a theme or plugin.  I like it so much that it is hard for me to write this review without sounding hype and overly excited. When I build sites for customers […]

It is about LifeStyle—Part 2

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It is about Life Style—Part 2   The next time you read a sales email look at what they are selling.  Are they selling features or are they selling benefits/lifestyle. I am willing to bet your inbox is no different than mine when it comes to the copy that is in there. Ninety percent of the mail you will read will be selling features.  We have been conditioned to buy features.  The problem with this is that features don’t last past getting something out of the box.  The problem is that we buy on emotion a lot of the time and […]

It is about Life Style—Part 1

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I am assuming that if you are reading this you are in some form of Internet Marketing or some type of business.  The business you are in really does not matter, it could be online, off line or both.   The question I want to present you with is, why do you do it?  Why do you do what you do?  Why are you in business? The question is not rhetorical or even repetitive.  It is one that has be answered before you can really move forward in your business. Perhaps you have a dream that burns so bad you can’t […]

4 Steps to Successful Affiliated Marketing

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You’ve probably heard a lot about Affiliated Marketing and how people are able to create a substantial income from it. You may be thinking, “Hey, I want a piece of that pie too!” Well, you’re about to read four steps to help you get on your way to getting your piece of the Affiliated Marketing Pie.   Step One: Find your Niche market  This step is the first and most important in your journey through Affiliated Marketing. A niche market is the group of consumers within the market in which a specific product or product type is targeted towards. Instead […]
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