Popups For Marketers Are Like Hammers

A 24-ounce Framing hammer in the wrong hands can be one of the most destructive devices anyone could possess. However, on the other hand that same hammer in the right hands can be the most productive and creative tool in construction in the construction business.  The person using that hammer can build luxurious custom homes that are not only great to live in but beautiful to look at.

Pop-ups on our websites and blogs are no different. In the wrong hands it can be destructive and destroy a wonderful website and make it to where no one wants to come back. On the other hand, a popup used correctly can be a tool that brings value to the reader and engages them in the site.

Have you ever been to a site and had a pop-up appear? And you click the little “x” usually in the right-hand corner and it goes away. Only to have another one or even the same one appear just a few seconds later? This is annoying!

I don’t mind seeing a pop-up when I go to a site, I’ve even come to expect them. But I have left many of sites because of the annoying behavior of these plug-ins.

Pop-ups best practice

If you are in any kind of marketing, it’s no secret that a mailing list is a must. We’ve heard it said over and over that the money is in the list. I believe this is only partly true because I believe where the money is in the relationship you have with your list.

In Internet marketing change is constant. And what worked in building a list yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today, and what didn’t work works better today than it did.

A great example of this are pop-ups on blogs and webpages. These highly controversial apps have proven themselves over many times.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard blog owners say that pop-ups have increased their subscription rate many times over what it was prior to using a pop-up.

The controversy is over the annoyance of these pop-ups. Despite the annoying behavior of these pop-ups one cannot argue their effectiveness.

The problem is not the use of pop-ups, or even exit pop-ups, it is more about how they’re used.

I have included a link to the latest podcasts on Problogger.com where Darren Rowse talks about how he uses pop-ups on his website and how effective they are. And he points out some best practice tips that are useful on any blog.

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Where we run into trouble is when we become overly aggressive with the use of pop-ups. They should always be used as a invitation or a gentle reminder but should never become a nuisance.

Pop-up technology is increasing every day.

There are countless pop-ups out there, many free and even more paid pop-ups. Each one offers something unique whether it is the variety of different skins they offer, or their ability to bring different types of media in front of your customer.

It’s not just enough anymore to present a pop-up on the front end, but more importantly on the backend is the data collection to be able to see how effective our pop-ups are. Without the ability to collect data it is impossible to optimize the effectiveness of our pop-ups.

Many pop-ups now track clicks and conversions. This makes it possible to split test different presentations of our pop-up. I believe that we are going to begin to see what I would call smart pop-ups.

These presentations are going to be able to be taken to the next level here is a video that gives you some idea of where this is going.


If you don’t have a popup on your website maybe it’s time to consider the implementation of these highly effective plugins.

Choosing the right popup plugin

choosing the right plugin is not easy. With so many out there offering so many different options it’s hard to choose a popup plugin.

I have found that some of the basic free ones that also offer upgrades are great ways to start. I recommend that you research and look for reviews on the different plug-ins. It’s important to find one that is supported also.

The last thing you want is to find that your popup is no longer supported.  Select on that has been updates recently or shows some support activity.

Here is a very simple yet attractive plug-in that is yours. It’s all you have to do is click this link and supply your name and email and you have instant access.

If you are really interested in seeing the next generation of pop-up click here and watch this video by Sean Donohoe. He has recently created a pop-up called “EZ Popups”.  This is truly a next GEN application.

Regardless of what your website or blog is about, and if you are building a list of subscribers it is a must to do all you can to optimize each visit to your website.

In affiliate marketing the most productive traffic is your list. The way you turn subscribers into buyers is through building a relationship with them. But unless you get them on your list you can’t even begin to build a relationship.

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