Picking A Winning Keyword Domain Name

Picking a Winning Keyword Domain Name is not as simple as it was 10 years ago.  One can go insane trying to come up with a name that has the keywords they want and is brandable, and memorable.  We want out cake and we want to eat it too. . .right?
Last week we talked about High converting squeeze pages and headlines.  Headlines are like domains.  They have an important job of captivating your customer and communicating very quickly an importance and value that will make them want to stay on your site.

With millions of domains being purchased every day it is more and more difficult to find that perfect dot com domain.

Well don’t despair.  It is still possible to come up with a domain that has all of these features that are important to you as a business and website owner.

When choosing a domain there are a number of websites I have found that are helpful.  But there is one website at http://nametumbler.com/ in particular as demonstrated in my Youtube video on Picking a Winning Keyword Domain Name that stands out above the rest. 


But having the right tool is only half battle.  If one is not aware of certain thing to watch out for and certain other things that need to be considered, the best tools in the world will not save them from some of these dreadful mistakes that could literally prevent hundreds and even thousands of people from seeing your site.

Here are some things to consider:

When choosing a domain name it is important to include your memorable brand name along with a key word, and Always, if possible a “.com.”  The only time I would consider using a “.net” or other extension would be when the brand and keywords were such a good match that it made it worth making an exceptions.

You want to choose words that are spelled correctly.  Don’t use wrong spellings in a name.  For example if the word “power” was in your name or keyword and was not available.  It would be better to not use it than misspell it.  An example of misspelling would be “powr.” Or using numbers instead of words for example “gr8” instead of the actual word “great.”


Using misspelling can be confusing for both your customers and readers of your blog as well as Google.  Part of making a memorable name is using the correct spelling.

Having a keyword in your domain name tells people and Google what your business is about.  For example “fastcarrestoration.com” tells people and Google that your site is about fast cars and car restoration.  I just made that domain name up so I am not sure if it exists, but I think you get the idea.

Placing your keyword or branding word in the beginning or at the end.  However you want to make sure that it reads well and is again, memorable. 

Don’t use symbols or hyphens in your domain name. There are a couple of reasons you don’t want to do this.  First off it is hard for your customer or reader to remember and leaves a lot of room for a misspelling.

Secondly using hyphens makes your URL look spammy to Google and people that may actually be looking for your product of service. 

Along with not using hyphens you want to keep your URL short and not more than three words.  When you use four or more words in our domain name it becomes difficult to share with people.  When someone sees a domain name they will often remember up to three words and beyond that the domain name is not easy to accurately remember.

If you are not able to find a keyword to go with your brand name and something has to give it is best to forgo the keyword. 

Picking a winning keyword domain name can take some time but it can be done.  The important thing is to get a name that people can remember and that is easily spelled.

One of the best ways to cash in on a winning domain name is to have a opt-in on every page of your site.  If you are able to secure a winning domain with lots of visitors you want to capture those wonderful people coming to your site.

One they are on your list you can reach out to them and build a meaningful relationship that is beneficial to them and valuable to you.

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