It is about Life Style—Part 2


The next time you read a sales email look at what they are selling.  Are they selling features or are they selling benefits/lifestyle. I am willing to bet your inbox is no different than mine when it comes to the copy that is in there.

Ninety percent of the mail you will read will be selling features.  We have been conditioned to buy features.  The problem with this is that features don’t last past water-on-pavementgetting something out of the box.  The problem is that we buy on emotion a lot of the time and when the emotion is gone and the newness is worn away the customer is left with the question what do I do with it?  These features are nice, but what good are they to me.  If we or our customers are left having to ask this question quite often the value evaporates like water on hot pavement. 

The reason I keep putting you with your customer is that I want us to be able to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. When it comes to value, the thing to realize is that the value was never there because our customer bought on emotion, where as if they had bought on emotion with the understanding of the value then they would know why they bought a particular product.

When I sell a product online, lets say a training on how to build a mailing list from scratch, I am not selling a training package, I am selling lifestyle.  I am selling life change.  You see the training is great, and has all the bells and whistles, but the value and the benefit is where I show someone what to do with the list and how it will benefit them. 

I am not going to talk about a list of buyers because now I am talking about the features of a list that I can show someone how to build.  Not that a list of buyers is important, but unless one sees the value and benefit of a list of buyers there is really no value to be had. 

hammerIt is like selling hammers with ergonomically fitted handles with precision balanced heads. If the salesman came up to you in a store and said, “I have this awesome and amazing hammer.  It is perfectly balanced and will not hurt your arm after many hours of use.”

Sounds good right?  You purchase the hammer and you get it home and can’t wait to take it out of the box to hit some nails because it is specifically made to work with your body and will not make your arm hurt.  The truth is that the person will not be excited any longer by the time they get home.  It sounded good when the salesman was telling the customer about it.  But what sold the hammer was the features and the salesman’s enthusiasm.  Nothing wrong with these qualities, in fact they are necessary.  The part that was missing was the benefits or lifestyle.

If the salesman said, “Here is a hammer that anyone can use.  Because of the ergonomic design it is possible for the average lay person who has very little experience to build just about anything and here are some examples.”  Now the customer is thinking about all the things they can do with the hammer. They can repair the back door to their home, they can build that dog house they have been thinking about for so long, and the list goes on.  They get the hammer home and now they cannot wait to get it out of the bag and use it.

It was never about the hammer, but now it is about what is in it for them.  You could argue that it is about benefits.  I would argue back that in providing more value and standing out from the competition we have to go beyond just benefits but we have to sell the lifestyle.  We have to sell how life can be better with what we have to offer.  It is no longer selling a screw for the benefit of how it will attach something together for us, we have to take to the next level and talk about how having two pieces of wood attached together makes our life better. happy-female-customer

I don’t mean to over simplify this mind set, but it does not have to be difficult either.  So I am not selling a training on how to build a mailing list, I am selling better life for not only my customer but their customer too.  The more lives we can touch with improved lifestyle the more it pays off.

I mentioned that if you stayed with me to the end of this article the benefits would be tremendous.  I am sure you have already figured out the benefit to you.  The benefit is that you lifestyle is better.  It is no longer about increased sales it is about lifestyle. That is why we are in business. It was really never about the money, it is about lifestyle.  We all want a better lifestyle.  Lifestyle looks different for you than it does for me, but the bottom line is it is about lifestyle. 

That is what your customers are looking for which is the same for you.  At the end of the day our need for lifestyle is not any different than our customers need for a better lifestyle.  lifestyleI define lifestyle as improved and better life.  Again, what one considers to be improved and better will be completely different that your idea of improved and better.  That is the beauty of it.  We all get to decide what would make our life better and improved, but the need and desire for a better life is the same for everyone.

Here is a great way to benefit and provide lifestyle to your customers.  Azon Authority site builds web stores that are targeted to your customers needs and desires.

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