I am assuming that if you are reading this you are in some form of Internet Marketing or some type of business.  The business you are in really does not matter, it could be online, off line or both.   The question I want to present you with is, why do you do it?  Why do you do what you do?  Why are you in business?

The question is not rhetorical or even repetitive.  It is one that has be answered before you can really move forward in your business. Perhaps you have a dream that burns so bad you can’t sleep at night.  You buy products from people who claim that they will bring you success.  Why did you buy the product?  When you buy a product that you think is going to do something in particular, ask yourself right now, why did you buy it?

The two questions I just asked you may seem repetitive also.  But they are different and at tlearning_new_mindsethe same time share a lot in common in that I am willing to bet that the answer is the same.

 You may say the reason I am in business is to make money, to sell my products, to have free time to do what I want to do when I want to do it.  While all those are not bad answers, and all good reasons to have a business of your own, I believe at the core there might very well be another answer.

The answer to the second question why did you buy a particular tool or product for your business I am also willing to bet is the same or very close to why you are in business.  You might have bought the tool or product for your business to make things easier, to free you up, to increase productivity, or to automate some part of your process.  But is that the core reason for buying that product?mindset_makes_all_the_difference

Bear with me here.  In fact if you have made it this far it will be worth your time and will benefit you greatly to let me flush this out with you.  When I give you the answer see if I am not more on target than I am off.  I am also willing to bet that the reason you sell products and purchase products for your business or even your personal life are very similar as well.  When I reveal the answer to you it is going to change your mindset and view of the whole process. 

This different mindset or view will, if you let it, change the way you approach your business.  You see this is where we get hung up, it is in our mindset.  The way we think about any given thing dictates how we look at our business, our family, our friends, and even our spirituality. 

Mindset and our view of things can literally change the way we approach our business, family, customers, and every relationship we have.  Mindset is the biggest factor that separates success from failure, action from penalization, and upward mobility from being stuck.

 ARE YOU READY FOR IT?  The Answer is LIFESTYLE!  Think about it.  The reason you are in business is for lifestyle.  You are in business to have a better lifestyle, to be in control of lifestyle_crazyaffliatemarketing  coachingyour lifestyle.  The products or service you sell to your customers is about their lifestyle to differing degrees.  If you are selling a business model or shoes it is about lifestyle.  When you purchase a product for your business for example a shovel to dig a whole, you purchased the shovel for the same reason that you sell you widget or product, it is about lifestyle.

Here is where the disconnect takes place.  So often a product is sold or purchased for the attributes or features and we forget about or don’t realize what it does or the benefit.  Benefits are great!  Benefits are easily mistaken for features and attributes. 

When I started selling online I thought I was selling a product.  The product was nice.  It had all kinds of features.  It could do kinds of things.  Where I missed the mark was, I was not selling a widget, I was selling what the widget could do for the customer, which when looked at deeper all comes down to Lifestyle.

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  • January 27, 2016

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