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7 Reasons Why Focus is Important

7 Reasons Why Focus is Important We tell our kids to focus and keep their eyes on the ball, or we tell them to focus on their homework when they seem distracted. All the while we are going in 1 million different directions. As an Internet marketer, particularly just starting out, it can be very difficult. You can often feel like a clown in the circus juggling 3 to 5 different objects, or like a clown spinning 20 plates and trying to keep them all going and not letting one fall and break. A person can only keep this up […]

Are Your Habits Your Greatest Strength or Your Greatest Liability?

Are Your Habits Your Greatest Strength or Your Greatest Liability? email facebook twitter google+ pinterest What do habits have to do with affiliate marketing? The answer is, everything. Habits are synonymous with discipline. If you look at any successful marketer or business person for that matter, which you will notice that they all have in common is they are disciplined and they are in control of their habits. I spent considerable time watching and learning from people who are successful. These are people who are not mainstream, in that they are doing what everybody else is doing. These people are […]

How Bad Do You Want Success as an Affiliate Marketer?

facebook twitter google+ Success is as real as you want to make it.  You have to want it enough to make the sacrifice and put success first. You can have all the answers and opportunities right in front of you and if are willing to do what it takes you will surely realize your dreams. Affiliate marketing is only a vehicle to take you where you want to go.  “Trust  and believe you will achieve your dream because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it’s safe or certain.” –Anonymous Watch this short video for 3 Powerful Tips […]
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