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Popups for marketers are like hammers

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Popups For Marketers Are Like Hammers email facebook twitter google+ pinterest A 24-ounce Framing hammer in the wrong hands can be one of the most destructive devices anyone could possess. However, on the other hand that same hammer in the right hands can be the most productive and creative tool in construction in the construction business.  The person using that hammer can build luxurious custom homes that are not only great to live in but beautiful to look at. Pop-ups on our websites and blogs are no different. In the wrong hands it can be destructive and destroy a wonderful […]

3 Things Wrong With Email List Building

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3 Things Wrong With Email List Building facebook twitter google+ linkedin pinterest Building an email list can be compared to building a house. When a builder walks up to a piece of land for a house is going to be built is often barren or filled with weeds. An experienced builder can already visualize the completed home on that property. But an inexperienced home builder who might be building their first home can’t visualize the finish home there because they’ve never been through the complete process. Email list building can be similar to this. If you are someone who has […]
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