Affiliate Marketing Video Tutorials Must Be Pleasing To The Eye.

Affiliate Marketing is an amazing business model where product developers and owners make their product available to an army of sales people to promote and make as much as 100% of the profit.  Many people come into the business with little or no training which not only is disastrous for the would be marketer but also for the industry as a whole.

All too often people don’t have the affiliate marketing training or they get an e-book that just does not cut it.  What is really needed and is the best way to learn is through affiliate marketing video tutorials.  And not all tutorials are created equal.

When I talk about an affiliate marketing video tutorial I am thinking of one that is easy_eyesprofessionally done.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of really great affiliate marketing training programs that are value packed, full of really good information.  But, when it comes to watching video for the purpose or affiliate marketing training, or any kind of instruction for that matter, it is essential that it be pleasing to the eye and the mind.

Due to the nature of affiliate marketing videos and other training videos it is vitally important that the person taking the information in can do so comfortably.  The reason for video tutorials is different than videos that are simply made for entertainment or simple explainer videos.

Subjects such as affiliate marketing course and training the information can be vast and take up as many as six to twelve hours spread out over many videos.  Videos are the best beginners guide to affiliate marketing.  There are e-books out there but they just don’t do the same job of conveying the information needed to be successful in the affiliate marketing space.

Affiliate marketing tutorials need to not only be good on the eyes but they must also be video_tutorialengaging.  I have purchased a number of affiliate marketing courses that were produced in video.  The video on some that I am thinking of were not the best but the presenter more than made up for where the video lacked.

Here is a good example of 5 star training Click Here  Just a note.  After putting your name and email in the optin you will be taken directly to the sales page that explains everything in detail.  Just for looking I will email a link to you for a 15 volume set of e-books on affiliate marketing valued at over $250 yours just for looking.

On the other side of the coin though I have affiliate training video tutorials on my hard drive that I really should have gotten my money back.  It is my opinion that the integrity of the person providing the training that if they are half as successful as they say they are they need to invest a little bit in production of their training product.

I have one training done by a supposed well known affiliate marketer.  I have heard their name around which is why I purchased the training.  To be honest I could not have been more disappointed with the quality of the overall training.  The video was done on a very small screen and is very difficult to see, and when you take it to full screen it is worse because everything turns into a blur.

To top it off the audio is almost as bad.  I did not pay a lot for the training videos, but what I paid was not reciprocated in value.  It was all I could do to force myself to sit through the first few videos.  Finally I decided life was to short and there was so much good training to waste my time on that product.

On the other hand I have also purchased some of the best training that is absolutely value packed for less than $10.  I have one training that is exceptional quality video, excellent engagement, step-by-step over the shoulder examples, and leaves nothing out.

In fact I don’t mind telling who produced it.  A fantastic marketer named Marc Rosencrans.  He produced and released an affiliate marketing video tutorial that meets all the criteria of a five star video training course.  Marc leave nothing out and takes you through the do’s and don’ts of product selection, stellar high converting landing and squeeze page development, and then you off to list building 101, and then he delivers huge on driving traffic to your offer.

The name of this course is called Affiliate Cash Craze.  I purchased this training and was affilaite_marketing_video_tutorialamazed to find all of this information packed in 28 videos that take more than 6 hours to get through for less than $10.  Not only that, he continues to deliver value through the amazing bonuses that he gives away.

I was so impressed with this training that I have shared it with everyone I come in contact with.  It is one of those things that you just can’t keep to yourself.  You might think after reading this, this guy is an affiliate.  You’re right, I did become an affiliate for this product.  You can too.  But once you see this training for yourself you will see for yourself first hand that I am not in the least bit exaggerating.

This training is that good, you don’t have to exaggerate.

In fact I have sweetened the deal just a bit.  Click here and put a good email in the optin.  I will send you a 15 volume set of ebooks on affiliate marketing that goes into product development, copywriting, and getting started with Clickbank, video marketing, and whole lot more.  I am so sure that you will like this training that I am giving you these e-books just for taking a look.

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