Affiliate Marketing Backlinks Are Not Dead

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Affiliate marketing and backlinking are not often thought of in the same thought or sentence.  When people think of backlinking they often think that it is an outdated form of web promotion and something that does not work anymore.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

While it is true that backlinking was in the minds of people more so in the past, the problem was that it was misused and abused and so the masses went to something else.  Lucky for you though, it is still very much alive and very effective.

Here’s the secret. You have to apply the backlinking method correctly and if you do, Google will love you and reward your appropriate use of backlinks.

In the past people made linking pages which are out dated to the point I’m not sure you could even find such a page on the internet any more.  Then there was the method of spamming backlinks that had little to do with the topic of the website being linked to.  Google quickly caught on to this and started penalizing sites that used shabby tactics such as this.

The truth is Google cannot turn away from good quality backlinks. If Google is liking your stuff then it is going to be liked on other search engines on the Internet. With all that being said lets jump into four steps of creating quality backlinks.

One last thing I have to tell you is, this is not a “push button” method and does take some time and does require work.  But like anything that takes work and consistency, it generally pays off in the long run.  That is however the beauty of link building. 

First thing, as we have already mentioned, Google cannot resist good quality and relevant links.  And secondly not everyone is doing this because it does take time and work.  So the payoff can be huge if done correctly.

Quality Content Is A Must

In a perfect world Google prefers all links to be organic.  The best way to get these links is through quality content that is relevant and original.

Not just any quality and original content will do, it has to be content that rivals the competition and is something people will consume and enjoy.

In this article, I am going to go over a few methods of creating such content that is easier than you might think.  When people think of creating quality content they give up before they ever start because they don’t know where to start and feel that the task is too much trouble to bother with.

Fast Food Content

This is the type of content that is consumed fast and must grab the reader’s attention or they are gone in a heartbeat.

These readers don’t want the empty calories and fluff, they are looking for content they can sink their teeth into.  Facts, figures, and graphs often hold this type of reader.

There are however other types of content that can grab and hold the attention of these veracious consumers of content.


Infographics are a powerful way of sharing content.  What makes infographics so powerful are that, if done well, they stop the reader in their tracks.  This means that is slows them down and they stay on your page and consume the content of the infographic.

There is a process and an art to creating an infographic.  This is not difficult and there are places you can to create your own infographic for free.

The nice thing about these sites is that they have many templates to choose from that can guide you through the process.

And if you don’t want to create your own infographic I suggest   Just go there and type “infographic” in the search box and you will find people who will create your graphic for anywhere from $5-$15.

Blog Post and Articles

Considered by many to be outdated blogs and articles are very affective and both prized and valued by Google.

The problem many people run into is “writing.”  This can be difficult for many people because they don’t know where to begin and they struggle with writing.

There are a few ways around this.  Just write.  Like anything the more you do it the better at it you get.  A baby may fall 100 times or more trying to walk, but they never give up, and neither should you.

Research the topic you want to write about and take the information you find and put it into your own words.  Research can take some time but again, this is part of the investment necessary in creating content.

Here are a few articles that can help with writing a blog.

How to Write a Blog Post: A Simple Formula + 5 Free Blog Post Templates

How to Write Great Blog Content

How to Write a Good Blog Post Super-Fast (and the Joy of Slow-Blogging)



Video is a very easily consumed and preferred media for millions of people.

You don’t have to have a Hollywood budget or a million dollars worth of equipment.  In most cases if you have a decent smart phone you have all you need. 

With our cell phone, you can take amazing videos and publish them on YouTube quickly and easily.  While there is a learning curve if you have never done this before, it is worth the time to learn how to do this. 

People love daily video blogs, or “vlogs” and there is a huge linking potential with video.  If you don’t know where to start just go to YouTube and do a search on “how to make a video on YouTube” and you will find hundreds of videos showing you everything you need to know and then some. 

Here are a couple of videos I suggest

When it comes to editing your video, there are several editors out there.  Some are free and do a great job and others can be pretty pricy.  Again, I suggest doing some research on YouTube and making your decision on what route to go based on what you find and like there.

Publishing Your Content

Now that you have some amazing content you it is necessary to take it to the next level and that is to publish it somewhere. 

This is a process of making the content you have worked so hard on available to anyone who want to access it.  There are several platforms this can be done through.

Video Publishing

YouTube and Vimeo are great places and the most popular to publish your videos.  I wouldn’t stop at these two sites as there are others, but these two video sites are the best place to start.

When you publish your video on these sites and others make sure you link back to your site or the page your trying to rank.

Other Platforms to Post Content On

There are many types of content and as there are places to post and share the content you create.  It is common to have a favorite content type and place to post that content.  It is however good also to diversify the content you create.

Here are a few examples of places to consider placing and creating content.

Image platforms where visual content can be posted and displayed is helpful. Sites like:

Then there are article and blog platforms.

There are a number of article directories you can post variations of articles.  The thing to remember is not to post the same article to each article directory. 

You can write as many original articles as you want on the same topic, but they should not be identical.  Identical articles in different places can actually harm your ranking and do more damage than good.  Its not hard but it does take some time to vary your articles and blog posts.

A few places to post to are:

This is a directory of different places to post blogs and articles.

PDFs and eBooks are powerful also.  You can write a short article and create a PDF and share it on slide share and other such sites.  There is no end to the places you can share content.  This has a double benefit. It not only provides a backlink to your site it also provides exposure which can turn into additional traffic to you site also.

Here is a directory with many options and directories for sharing PDF’s and ebooks.

It’s not hard to find places to post your content but you do want to be somewhat picky.  You want to make sure the site you post your content on has good rankings also.  It is good to make sure the site is a 2.0 site.  These would-be sites like:

Here is a list of directories that are all free.

Here is another list that is not all free but worth looking at.  May of the ones on this list have a free option and the paid upgrade is low and reasonable.

The important thing to remember is to link your content back to the content on your site. 

I was having dinner with a friend who works with a local SEO company.  I asked him about some of the techniques his company is using to rank websites and pages.  He shared some interesting things I found fascinating. 

I asked him about their backlinking techniques.  His answer surprised me.  He said that his company did not employ any back-linking measures and techniques they used for their customers.  I asked him how long it took to rank an article and his answer was as alarming as the conversation was. 

Here is what he told me.  He said it takes his company up to six months to rank a page on a given website.  My jaw dropped.  I was even more surprised that his company had as many people who would pay a monthly fee for such slow SEO ranking.  They employ “NO” “Zilch” “Nada” backlinking for any of their clients.

I wanted to tell him about some of the experiences I have had ranking pages and videos but I exercised restraint and just listened.  I knew he would not be open to what I had to share because he was convinced that backlinking was something people did in the 90’s.

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