7 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website or Product.

A person may have all the things that they need and all the attributes to be successful in an online business such as affiliate marketing. That person may have the discipline, the drive, and the right mindset to be successful, and they may even know how the system works.

That person may even have all the right tools to be a successful affiliate marketer. They may have an awesome website which is set up properly and can earn them a fortune. But all the tools and the best websites are of no use if nobody in the world knows how to find them or can see them.

With no way of finding your website it will simply drift off into the deep dark space of the Internet. Not only is this tragic for you and your website, but it is equally tragic for those that will never be able to access the valuable information and content that is on your website.

Getting people who are interested and would benefit from the content from your website can be quite an undertaking. And not to mention the fact that the competition for the same space and for people trying to get the same viewers to see their website can be fierce. With all the websites vying for page 1 rankings it is important that you stand out from the crowd.


There are seven ways to drive laser targeted traffic to your website. It is important however to be one of the few that will stick it out when the going gets tough.

1.) One way of driving targeted traffic to your website is through search engine optimization (SEO). The nice thing about traffic from search engines is that people are looking for your website and the content.seo

They have typed in keywords that are specific to your website and/or webpage. Another nice thing about search engine traffic is that it is free. Being able to rank on the first page of any search engine with the right keywords is priceless.

Once your webpage or website is on a page 1 of a search engine you are surely guaranteed clicks to your website.

2.) Another very effective way of driving traffic to your website is by partnering with other webmasters who have websites that are similar to yours.

Once you have contacted these website owners you can offer a link exchange. However, it is extremely important that the links that are exchanged are on relevant pages and placement partnership1on pages and websites is important.

It would do you no good to place a link on a page that was relevant for people that had no interest in your content and would not see it.

Link exchanges are very valuable though, because they do two things. The first thing is they provide a link back to your website and secondly, it is a natural back link that the search engines see which builds authority to your website.

This type of back link is organic and has a lot of value. Don’t take the algorithms of the search engines for granted. They are digit able to determine a good back link from a generic back link or one that is just put out there to create a random back link.

The effort you put into creating back links to your website will pay off in the long run. Anybody can build a lot of back links from different sources and have lots of them, but having fewer or quality back links is by far more valuable.

3.) The next way of gaining targeted traffic to your website is through articles or blog posts. This is an extremely effective way of promoting a website and/or affiliate product. Through press-articlesproper keyword placement in your article or blog post it makes it easy for search engines to find your article.

While a blog may not rank on a first page of a search engine it is entirely possible for a blog post or webpage to rank on page 1 of a search engine for a particular keyword.

Each blog post or article becomes a valuable asset and makes it possible for a website to have an amazing reach to a variety of relevant keywords.

For example, if you had a website on dog training. You can write an article on dog training puppies and have that page rank and then have another blog post or article on teaching old dogs new tricks rank on a first page of a search engine and you would in fact have two page 1 rankings for your website.

4.) Another very effective way of driving targeted traffic is through joint ventures. This can be one of the most effective ways of promoting your product or service. By collaborating with someone who is in the same marketing space may not on the surface makes sense. But in actuality it makes perfect sense.

A joint venture consists of swapping ads or links to the other one’s product or website. There joint-venturecan even be an affiliate agreement between the two partners also. This in effect creates a win-win situation.

By engaging in a joint venture with a fellow marketer creates a much wider customer base in a very short time period.

5.) The fifth way of driving targeted traffic is through joining an affiliate program this allows you to work with a large group of affiliate marketers who will bring you traffic. They drive traffic to your product and create sales. This is helpful for them because they gain a commission but it is extremely helpful for you as the product owner or website owner because you build a huge mailing list that you can market to over and over again.

6.) Speaking of mailing lists, a list of subscribers is priceless. I don’t say this lightly because a well-managed and cared for mailing list is priceless.

Building an Email List Is Easier Than You Think

Through the use of autoresponders and personalized newsletters it is possible to communicate with a large group of people and build a meaningful and lasting relationship.

The best way to build a relationship with your list is to engage them and seek out what is important to the people on your list. By letting them tell you what they’re interested in and what their need is and going and satisfying those needs creates trust and rapport.

7.) Another way to get targeted traffic to your website is through forum posting. It is important that when you post in forums that you are posting relevant and valuable information.

With all the traffic methods mentioned and forum posting it’s important to have the right mindset. What I mean by this is your focus needs to be on building your list and not making sales.

While the bottom line is to make money it has to be done in a way that does not offend forumssomeone and get you accused of spamming.

If you leave meaningful and helpful comments and at the end of that comment you are allowed to leave your signature which includes a link to your website. It is wise to have that link go to an opt in page. Here you can continue to build a relationship with your subscriber that will be worth many sales over time then just a possible one time or immediate sale.

By having a deep and meaningful relationship with your list makes it possible to mail offers to them and have huge conversion rate which equals huge profits. And, not to mention low return rates.

Good targeted traffic is the fuel that keeps your business moving forward. Without targeted traffic consistently coming into your website it is impossible to continue to build and scale your business.

Driving targeted traffic should always be a practice and an ongoing effort.

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