7 Good Reasons Creating Infographics Is A Good Idea – Infographics Are In


There are many reasons Infographics are an excellent element to include in your blogging and marketing.

In this article 7 reasons are shared.  Infographics are an underused asset and sometimes one that is taken for granted.  Since an Infographic is a visual tool it is important that it is appealing to the eye.


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1) SEO Strategy

An attractive infographic will catch the eye of many marketers. And this is just where it begins. You want other marketers to take notice of your info graphic, as they do they will share it on their website where it will be seen by other readers and marketers.

It will then be shared even more on other websites as more people see it. As this happens and the more times it is shared, it will build links back to your website. This is especially powerful since these links are organic and that is what the search engines like.

2) Information is more easily consumed.

It is estimated that 60% of people that view your website are visual learners. This means that people prefer to learn through visual stimulation such as pictures and graphics and other types of media. As people skim down your info graphic the information that is being taken in is also more memorable and retention rate is higher.

3) Viral Traffic

A well thought out and planned info graphic that people like will benefit you for a long time. The reason for this is that if people like it, they will share it.

The more that your info graphic get shared and seen the more people that will come back to see where the infographics originated. This is free traffic. And if people like what they see when they get to your website they will share that also. 


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4) Easily shared.

People are always looking for content for their blogs and webpages. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, there is always a need for content. Infographics are a powerful way of sharing value added content.

5.) Promotes your brand.

When creating your infographics, you always want to make sure that your logo is placed in a conspicuous spot. It’s important to put it where it will be noticed but it’s also important to never make it overwhelm your infographics.

6) Conveys value to your customer

A well thought out info graphic is a great way to extend massive value to your reader or customer through epic content.

This is your opportunity to over deliver in a meaningful and memorable way. Your info graphic is also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your authority and knowledge in your niche.

7) Powerful Sales Tool

your info graphic is a powerful sales tool. This is an excellent way to make comparisons between two similar products. It also a great way to list benefits of a product.

When you are creating your info graphic there is really no limit to what you can do. You can express, convey, or communicate anything you want to. The limits are only bound by your imagination.

One of the best ways to get ideas is by looking at what other people have done and get inspiration and ideas from their work.

Some great examples of infographics that take into account each of the six points made in this article can be found by Clicking Here

Creating an info graphic does not have to be difficult. There are many ways to have control over the creation of your infographics.

You can outsource it to a graphic designer. And then there is an info graphic maker. With this method you can make is many infographics as you want at no cost.

If creating graphics is not your expertise there are a number of cloud-based and software plug-ins that you can access to create your own infographics. Click Here





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