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3 Things Wrong With Email List Building

Building an email list can be compared to building a house. When a builder walks up to a piece of land for a house is going to be built is often barren or filled with weeds. An experienced builder can already visualize the completed home on that property.

But an inexperienced home builder who might be building their first home can’t visualize the finish home there because they’ve never been through the complete process.

Email list building can be similar to this. If you are someone who has been building an email list for years it easy for you to see the process and even see a huge list before it’s started. But for the person who has never built a list it is a daunting task.

One of the biggest regrets that I hear is affiliate marketers say they wish they had been building an email list sooner. What marketers often realize is that once they make a sale they have no way of following up with that customer. Whereas if an email list is being built along the way it then makes it possible for the marketer to follow up with value and solutions to additional problems and make additional sales.


There are a number of things that come to mind as to why people don’t build mailing list, but three really stick out over all the rest.

List building is not sexy.

First of all list building is not sexy. There is nothing exciting about building a mailing list. sexy-email-list-buildingThis is because with inexperienced marketers they are not able to start with the end in mind
. In other words, the end is not a big list, but instead many sales which equates in two money or a better lifestyle.

The list is however the vehicle that gets every successful marketer to the life style they desire.  Look at the leader boards in any affiliate contest. Marketing ability is less than half of the game, what pulls an affiliate marketer out in front is their mailing list of buyers.

Marketers don’t prioritize their efforts on their list.

Secondly, people don’t engage in email list building up front and their marketing process. There are a lot of reasons for this but I believe the number one reason is because it’s a lot of email-llist-buildingwork. And not only that, but most marketers are thinking about the immediate dollar at the cost of giving up many many dollars down the road. Which brings me to the third reason people don’t build a list.

List building is an investment of effort.

Thirdly, there is no instant gratification. Building a list requires the know-how and technique. As I mentioned many marketers are thinking about the immediate dollar at the cost of possibly hundreds of dollars down the road. It could be said a dollar in the hand is worth hundreds down the road.

This is one of those instances where delayed gratification pays off exponentially.

There are a number of benefits to building an email list.

People who opt-in and become subscribers are highly targeted individuals who have an interest in your business or product. When it comes to traffic there is nothing that comes close then targeted email leads. And what makes them even better is when the list owner builds a meaningful and valuable relationship with their list. Doing this builds trust and credibility.

Email lists way out perform cold traffic.

Typically, when marketers buy cold traffic the click through rate is generally around 3% on average. And of those 3% only one or 2% will convert. When the list owner takes good care of their list by extending lots and lots of value over time the payoff is huge. Generally speaking, when an offer is extended the conversion rate can be as high as 60 or

The reason it can be so high is because your subscribers trust you and are used to getting lots of value. Value comes in the form of solutions to their problems. So building an email list has huge rewards and a higher response rate than any other type of advertising or traffic source.

A mailing list is a very effective way of building a long term and meaningful relationship with your subscribers. This is because you are able to send emails on a regular basis. This again is where great care comes in to play. If your subscribers are used to getting value than when they see your name out of all the email that they get they are more likely to open your email, then throw it away. This is especially good when it comes to sending offers.

Make sure you have opt-in boxes on all of your webpages and blog posts. It is often a good idea to put an opt in box both at the top of the page at the bottom at the end of an article. Make sure you are always giving away lots of value. Make it your goal to drive traffic to your opt-in pages not to make a sale but the giveaway value.

Always share value with your customers

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