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Affiliate Marketing Training-Customer Value Is Number One

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There is lots of affiliate marketing training out there with a growing emphasis on customer value.  Notice I did not say value to the customer. Customer value goes beyond just value to the customer and it goes way beyond the customer is always right.  This article is about valuing the customer in a way that not many people in the affiliate marketing or internet marketing space do. People every day come into the affiliate marketing and internet marketing internet space with delusions of grandeur.  These same people come into the space with dollar signs in their eyes and all they […]

Picking A Winning Keyword Domain Name

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Picking a Winning Keyword Domain Name is not as simple as it was 10 years ago.  One can go insane trying to come up with a name that has the keywords they want and is brandable, and memorable.  We want out cake and we want to eat it too. . .right? Last week we talked about High converting squeeze pages and headlines.  Headlines are like domains.  They have an important job of captivating your customer and communicating very quickly an importance and value that will make them want to stay on your site. With millions of domains being purchased every […]

WP Profit Builder | WP Profit Builder High Converting Squeeze Page and Headlines

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Headlines are the most powerful part of a landing or squeeze page.  The headline is the first thing your subscriber sees.  The Headline must immediately engage the potential subscriber or they are gone.  It does not matter what the giveaway is, it could be a truck load of gold, but if the headline does not do its job and keep and engage your subscriber they will be moving on to the next page in their browser. It is important to understand all that is going on with the view of your landing or squeeze page.  They are sitting in front […]
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